WATCH: Chrisette Michele Talks About Performing at Trump’s Inaugural Ball

Chrisette Michele, an African-American singer/songwriter, completely leaped at the opportunity to perform at Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ball this year. She is holding tight to the notion that it was a good move “for the people”, but the people are calling bullsh*t…and she may be paying the ultimate price for it.

So I have to ask, was it worth it?

Here is what we know:


– According to Chrisette Michele, she got paid less than $250,000 to perform. (From her voice inflection when asked, it appears it was much less than that.)
– Spike Lee and Questlove have both distanced themselves from the singer.
– Chrisette Michele says she didn’t make a political statement with a speech at the event, she did so with her singing performance.
– Chrisette Michele said at the event, ‘Look at my skirt.’ I wore a skirt, created by a white woman with a black man’s art on it.”
– was not able to with/speak to President Trump. “I was at the ball he spoke at,” C.Michele said. “But he didn’t get there until we were leaving.”

“I took a lot of heat because I want to unify America. I didn’t go there to see if I could shake… What’s a handshake gonna do? I went there to begin a conversation with America. I went there to show them what we look like.” – Chrisette Michele

So I have to ask, was it worth all it? Where do you stand on this?

Check out the full ‘The Breakfast Club’ interview (1/25) below…

What do you think of all of this?

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